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Your Content Playground

We are the creative partner for your evolving content, design and production needs


We believe everyone has the power to be an influencer, impact maker and culture shaper with the right support and tools.


What we can do for you

  • Provide creative agency services to startups and enterprise brands

  • Setup creative content studios for global companies in India

  • Create IP content for production (digital & film)

  • Build products and interactive experiences using emerging technology



Serving as a creative partner

  • We provide a la carte or retainer services for your content and design needs

  • We help you set up your design and content studios and teams in India



Empowering content creators

  • We create and help you work on your IP content for production

  • We work with out tribe of misfits to build our own IP content



Enhancing the content experience

  • We build interactive experiences leveraging new technologies to take your content to the next level

  • We build and invest in content products and solutions

Our Experience

Our team is uniting years of previous individual experiences and learnings from serving a variety of clients to ensure our collective work today has meaningful impact for you.



Studio Services

Provided studio support and creative designs to help local teams expand strategic partnerships with venues to bring visibility to the ride sharing app

Rukus Avenue

Studio, Channel and Lab Services

Setup and manage the outsourced design team that takes care of print, digital, branding and content solutions for all four of the brands IP’s

Prime Focus

Channel Services

Episodic bite size digital video content for various brands that augment and drive existing campaigns and product launches


Lab & Studio Services

Branding, game art, game design, education platform and marketing material for an e-learning startup

GuestNow App

Lab & Studio Services

Redesigned MVP, streamlined UX, and built their investor pitch decks to help promote the app


Word on the Street

We are a creative and thought partner to innovative companies of all sizes and here’s what they have to say about us


Sammy Chand

CEO of Rukus Avenue Music Group

“It’s great to have you as our studio partner. Your team make us look much bigger than we are and our clients and partners are noticing. Everyone is thrilled with the quality and timeliness of the content. Thanks for going the extra mile on our partnership launches and pitch decks”


Umesh Bopche

SVP Brand Services at Prime Focus

“Thanks for the helping us carve out a new area of content services that doesnt compete with our exiting studios and setup the motion and video teams for us so we could start making content that was digital focused for Brands. Your help in brand pitches and scriptwriting also helped us get traction and close deals that were important to us in our startup phase. Our teams were easily able to take the handoff post launch. Thanks for giving us a global feel.”


Jocelyn Loo

Founder & CEO of Gjests Now, Icebrkr

“I used Ewakes labs while building all three of my startups. They were patient and collaborative and focused on the impact of my brand and product. Also, the marketing, branding, and pitch materials were done by them as well. I didn’t have to worry about my design and content. I had more time to focus on the operational needs of the business.”