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Our passion lies in empowering content creators and enabling them to build their own IP. And why shouldn’t we also partake in this fun? We also have out our own content and shows in the making.


Empowering content creators

Create your IP

  • We help you create and work on your IP content for production - ads, videos, shows, films, you name it

  • We support individual content creators with developing their ideas and scripts

Join our IP

  • We work with out tribe of misfits and growing network of creatives to build our own IP content to showcase to the world

Distribute your IP

  • We partner with production studios and media providers scouting new and exciting content for their channels

 Our Work

Here are some of the brands that trusted us with their episodic content


Automotive Company

We conceptualized and created a set of quirky James Bond / Johhny Bravo type videos for Tata Zest that highlighted key product features. Agent Revetron zips through future city tacking one villain / challenge at a time. Fighting emissions, sticky clutches and gas guzzling are all fair game, while keeping it stylish.


Broadcast Channel

From Active English, to Fitness and Dance we conceptualized various shows for broadcast for Tier 2 & 3 audiences. Learn English, get fit and upgrade your dance moves with top celebrities like Madhuri Dixit and Sunil Shetty.


Artist Community

Each artist hand picked into Tony Hsieh’s Downtown project had an inspiring creative journey. Explore the value each artist brings, as they live in an artist container village, and how collectively the re-invigorate Las Vegas and help make it a tech, innovation and culture hub.

RAR ShowTemplate_03.png

Online Radio Station

Launching Dash Radios first exclusive south asian partnership with 80 hosts each doing a weekly show. From radio to video we help these artists get their content on the air waves, program their material and build their brands and following. Share the culture.


Lingerie Company

Not only did we design a full range of lingerie prints for the brand but we helped them with their behind the scenes and runway show bytes where people were able to get a deeper understanding of what it takes to run such events and what makes the ladies of Triumph love the product.


Our own Content

We are passionate about creative problem solving, and we are creating content to help people understand various thinking frameworks, collaboration tools and philosophies to help integrate design and creativity into their lives.